I am a single mom of a very athletic kid, a Beachbody Coach and an electrical (Design Verification) engineer.  I am passionate about all of my roles, but I am particularly enthusiastic about encouraging individual wellness which can be achieved through the improvements in personal health, fitness and spiritual strength because it provides a strong foundation for every aspect of life.

In the past, my focus on my body stemmed from an unhealthy outlook and negative self-image.  I had tried around 10 different "diets" by the time I was 14, including starvation and excessive exercise.   After becoming a mother, I knew that I did not want my child to go through the same things, so it was time to learn the right way to eat, live and most importantly believe in myself.

I understand that although some issues with unhealthy eating and living stem from simply not know what to do, even more stem from a negative outlook on self and life.  My goal is to provide support and encouragement to everyone, whether they are just starting their journey towards a healthier life, returning from a slight detour or consistently on the healthy road and are looking for accountability.

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We know there's nothing in the world that gives parents more joy than seeing a warm smile spread across their children's faces.
We want your kids to have everything in the world to smile about - unabashed, confident, and beautiful.
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