Your Nutrition Plays is the Biggest Key to Your Results 

Abs are made in the kitchen!  Have you heard that before?  It is true!  Your nutrition effects how hard you are able to workout and how well you are able to recover from your workout.

​Despite everything you hear, your nutrition is really quite simple.  Focus on eating REAL WHOLE FOODS!  That's it!

However, it's not eating that's difficult, its all the extraneous fluff that surrounds what is available to eat.  Every week, the media is 'advertising' a new diet fad.  When you walk the aisles of the grocery stores, there are misleading labels and signs.

Even deeper than this, there are many emotional issues that surround food and what we eat.

This is where I come in.  I offer a FREE 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge in a closed Facebook group every first Monday of the month.  Contact me in the form below or on the contact page to be added to the next group.  I also host other support and accountability groups depending on your need.

If you need help with fueling your body, whether it be for weight loss or high performance athletic training, I highly recommend Shakeology and The 21 Day Fix.

Shakeology will balance your body, giving it all the nutrients you need to fuel your healthy lifestyle.  I have been drinking it since September of 2012 and I wish I would have found it sooner.  I have never felt healthier and the longer you drink it, the more you crave healthy foods.

The 21 Day Fix was released in February of 2014.  I have been practicing this type of eating since then and it has really helped to fuel my training.  I never knew eating so much food, at the right times and in the right portions could be so healthy and actually encourage my body to use it up!

Cleanse & Detox

If you're looking for a fresh start or a way to get back on track, I highly recommend the 3-Day Refresh.  It is a 3 day cleanse that will help to revitalize your system so you can stay on track.  After the first time I completed this 3 day program, I really reconsidered some of the food I was eating.  I was so energized by the end of the program, I wanted to continue that feeling.

Finally, if you're needing an even bigger reset, I would strongly recommend 21 Day Reset.  This 21 Day program will make you look differently at food.  I would love to do this program with you if you decide to try it out.  We can support each other!


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